Validation Workshop on Trade Issues Nepal Business Forum

June 26 2015

Validation Workshop on Trade Issues Nepal Business Forum Trade Facilitation and Export Promotion swiss replica watches working Group was held on today at IFC / World Bank Office, Kathmandu Nepal. Coordinator of subcommittees presented their findings on:

  • Documentary requirements for import – export and recommendations to integrate replica watches uk or eliminate;
  • Inventory of all fee schedules in the trading process to identify high fees for those than can be reduced or eliminated. The report will cover only commodity specific fees, and not duties and taxes.
  • Recommendations on how to harmonize customs working hours with India.
  • Actual time and cost to trade

The participants came together to discuss issues on how can the time and cost to trade be reduced by simplifying the trade procedure. Basically, during export procedures, the exporters are asked to present the same set of documents time and again due to which the procedures came to become time consuming and hectic. The number of documents required during import and export by neighboring countries like India, Bangladesh, Srilanka and Singapore were also studied in the meanwhile. At the workshop representatives from MOCS, Department of Customs, cheap rolex replica watches Department of Commerce, FNCCI, NCC, NEFFA, FCAN, NITDB as well as private sector peoples were attend the program. From NEFFA President Mr. Rajan Sharma, 1st VP Mr. Sundar Pd. Dahal, Airport Committee Coordinator Mr. breitling replica watches Rajendra Sangraula, Land Sea Committee Coordinator Mr. Naresh Agarwal, NEFFA Member Mr. R. B. Rauniar Participated at the program.

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