Interactive workshop program on EU GSP Regulation conclude

June 26 2015

Nepal Freight Forwarders Association – NEFFA and Trade and Export Promotion Center jointly organized an Interactive workshop program on EU GSP cheap rolex replica watches Regulation. In the Workshop held at TEPC Hall, Participants exchanged breitling watches their views on the challenges, opportunities and future Export sector. TEPC also agreed to continue the talks in the future to this effect. NEFFA Executive Committee, officials and Representative of Member companies attended at the program. The European Union grants breitling replica watches trade preferences to developing countries, in the framework of its scheme of generalized tariff preferences (the ‘GSP’ or ‘scheme’). In accordance with Article 5(2) of that Regulation, the rules of origin concerning the definition of the concept of originating products, the procedures and the methods of administrative cooperation related there to, are to be those laid down in Commission Regulation. In the context of the Doha Development Agenda, the need to ensure a better integration of developing countries into the world economy has been recognised, in particular through improved replica watches uk access to the markets of developed countries. For that purpose, the rules of preferential origin should be simplified and, where appropriate, made less stringent, so that products originating in beneficiary countries can actually benefit from the preferences granted. In order to ensure that the preferences actually benefit those who cheap replica watches need them and to protect the own resources of the European Union, the changes to the rules of preferential origin should be accompanied by an adaptation of the procedures for their management.

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